Increase your client for better position of Business

Additionally, we try and understand what each client has been doing for the past few years to gauge their customers perception of their services and what they have been doing to make improvements, that;s why we offer a variety of services and solutions for your guest satisfaction measurement needs.

On-Site Mystery Shops

On-site mystery shopping is one of the most traditional and effective methods for gathering feed-back on your guests’ experience. Through the use of on-site mystery shoppers, you can gain in-valuable insight into how your customers feel about doing business with your company as well as their overall level of satisfaction of the customer service they receive from your employees, and how likely they are to do business with you in the future..
Like all other services, Mystery Shopper Services will work with you to custom design a program around your specific needs and unique standards for doing business to ensure the information you receive back is accurate, reflective, and useful for making changes and implementing training.

Telephone Mystery Shop

 As one of our services, we offer telephone “Mystery Shopping” to help our customers determine the level of telephone service that is currently being offered. The approach is the same as that of an “Onsite” visit to the stores. We first determine what our clients’ expectations are for the associates answering the phone, and then look for opportunities to help them improve those expectations by creating an audit form to capture the actual customer experience.

After all the calls have been completed, we create a graphical report to outline all the findings. This information will help the clients to gain an even better understanding of all the areas they are excelling in as well as areas of deficiency. And by monitoring these service levels on a consistent basis, the client is able to coach their staff to bring up low scores as well as reward them for the times that they are found providing excellent service.

Price Audits

We offer, without question, the best Price Audit system on the market. 

The single greatest difference: our system ties all data at the product level in a real-time, filtered, historical database. Everything you want, all in one place, automatically compiled and available on demand – all the time.

Better yet, we give you, the client, control over it all – manage and maintain your images, SKUs and everything else. You can even build and deploy campaigns without your MSP’s involvement, saving you time and money and eliminating errors.

It’s your data, in your format, available on demand whenever you need it. Never again wait for a campaign to end and the data to be manually compiled before you can see it and act – now you can see the data as it arrives – and make business decisions faster than your competitors.


Email Solicited Web-Surveys

Like the “smart phone” surveys, the web surveys can also be customized to each market or promotion and divided between the various areas of service.

If you are collecting the customer’s email information, we can create a custom email campaign that mirror’s your branding to appear all solicitation is coming from your company. We would then send each of the customer’s this customized email recruiting them to take part in the guest satisfaction survey. The email will include an embedded link that would take them to the survey.

Another option that we can provide is to work with your web-developer to place a link on your website that directs your guests to take part in a survey. This link would take them straight to the survey and would also work like the other options mentioned. The surveys would be completed and then sent to you by automated email in a PDF as well as being available on your on-line dash board along with the other surveys and mystery shop results.